May 1, 2011

My first blog EVER

I am an aspiring stylist and fashion writer. I figured the best way to express myself and to get noticed would be to blog about all my ideas…so here it goes. Just to give you a little insight about how I got into fashion…when I was younger my mom loved to dress up me and my twin sister in little outfits, complete with bows, of course. She used to take us to this store called “The Cotton Warehouse”, where you could design your own dresses, shirts, shorts, jackets…you name it. They would take any plain cotton piece and they would sew on or iron on different patterns or little figured patches. I was always the girlie girl, my sister, a tomboy, so dresses were my thing. Now, after many years of watching movies like Devil Wears Prada, reading magazines like Elle and Glamour, and idolizing fashion icons like Lauren Conrad, Vanessa Hudgens, Nicole Ricci…just to name a few, and having college roommates with some serious fashion needs, I’ve grown completely in love with the world of fashion. My style is very diverse, I love to mix and match a lot...I always want to look different from everyone else and have my outfits be eye-popping and unique. I’m a big fan of vintage looking pieces and I’m absolutely obsessed with anything leather. I love being me and most of the time I just go with it.

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